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Internet Beauty Contest: Win US$ 150 cash! + see your p

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Posted by HeinRich@BelleModels.biz (from at 1:02am on 3/27/09         alt email

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Internet Beauty Contest: Win US$ 150 cash! + see your photo in a printed magazine.

The exposure of the winner goes beyond my website.
Her photo will be used to advertise the next contest in a paper magazine.
She is mentioned in a newsletter that is mailed to 2 700 models worldwide.
She will be announced to all BelleModels friends (666) on FaceBook.
All countries, all ages, amateurs and professionals are welcome.
No entry fee. Just email your photos.

There are also cash prizes for the 1st 5 runner-ups <===== NEW!

We have been running 16 contests since 2006-04.
To see what we have done for previous winners, visit:


Unlike other internet contests, the winner will not be selected by public votes only. She will be hand-picked based on a variety of explicitly published factors.
Thus winning my contest carries more weight and credibility than most other internet contests, because:
All models are ranked and the ranks are displayed on the website for a year.
Models are ranked on

several factors

, not only public votes or looks.

The winner will also get her photo displayed on our home page with a direct link to her portfolio.
be published on Belle Model's FaceBook for 3 months http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695272598
She will get 12 month's free access to our members area


The contest was designed to allow any model on the internet to make a little REAL money
plus exposure. It promises less than others, but its offers are credible and obviously so.


To enter the next contest, apply here:


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