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Post a message to the GlamourModels Message Board.

Common courtesy is expected here:

  • If you are posting a message about another message board, or modeling site,
        that message board or site should have a link back to GlamourModels.

  • You MUST use your name to post.
  • Posts looking for models without a photo or sample website will be subject to deletion.
  • Photos must be tasteful. (Playboy style limits, please)
  • No posts relating to x-rated work or escort services.
  • No links to web sites containing hard core images.
  • Organizations that ask for fees or money from models must clearly state
        in their message what those fees are, and what models can expect in return.
  • Commercial ventures looking for models MUST include a photo. (A banner is NOT a photo)
  • Commercial/corporate type posts are limited to one per week.
  • If you are looking for models, or you and/or your website is selling something,
        you may be publicly called upon to verify information in your post and your legitimacy.
  • No 'vote for me' posts unless you are listed on this site, or a regular contributor, please.
  • No copy & paste commercial messages that have been posted on other forums.
  • Spamming, name-calling, slamming and flaming will not be tolerated.
  • Message subjects in ALL CAPS will be deleted.
  • Un-professional or insulting posts may be deleted at the discretion of the administrators.
  • Anyone found to be emailing threatening or hateful messages to forum posters
        will be banned from posting here.
  • No posts? No pot shots.

    By posting your message you accept the above terms.

  • will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer email addresses posted on this website to any other party
    for any purpose, especially not for purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.
    Anyone found harvesting email addresses from this website will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Before you actually post your message, you'll be able to preview it and double-check your image link.

     (posts without the poster's name here will be deleted)

    Name:                 Background:

    Email:                 Email you responses?

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    WebSite URL: (optional, but recommended)

    WebSite Title:

    Posts looking for models without a photo or a website will be subject to deletion.

    Image URL: (recommended)      

    Image Caption: (optional)
                          (Image caption will appear just above the image)

          By posting your message you accept the above terms.


    To add an image to your post:
    You must first have your image on a server (or web space) somewhere where it can be accessed from the internet. You are simply linking to the image by entering the URL to the image in the space provided above.

    Like this example:
    Image URL:   Always double-check!

    Be sure to change the above to match your actual image location.

    Remember: The path and image name are case senstive, so capitalization, or lack of it, counts. When you post an image here it will show up on the preview page if you have entered the path to the image properly. You can practice and make sure the image will be viewable before you actually post your message.

  • The original perl script for this forum was created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive.
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